October Updates

I'm doing house cleaning don't mind me (7/?)

~October 2018~

I'm sorry I've missed October, I was getting used to my new job! As an apology please accept this picture of me holding one of the cutest puppies known to mankind: 

more updates:  I'm doing NaNoWriMo and I'm already thousands of words behind! But it's early and I'm getting this done (I've amended that honestly if I get to 5,000 words its gonna be a miracle)!  If you follow me on Twitter, here are the threads I'm most proud of this month cause writing is writing even if it's limited to 280 characters and can't be edited well (though I've made my account private again and can't access it here, shout out to Thread Reader for making threads more accessible):

Concrete Ways to Show Up For Trans People,

A livetweet of me watching all the Scream movies for the first time,

and a small thread about internalized homophobia while reading Patrisse Cullours' When They Call You A Terrorist (which I HIGHLY recommend)

I'm working on my first full interactive fiction story! (The Gothic Horror game is on pause since it became super triggering and I've got to work through that.) I can't say much but I can share one of the first drafts of the proposal: You’re one of the worst players on your team but that’s not saying much. As a rag tag team of street ball players, you all play for fun not pay (or recognition). But when you hear about the chance for a full-ride scholarship, you get serious about training with the ‘disgraced’ former school basketball star, Shannon. Will you keep your friends or lose them? Will you figure out why Shannon really stopped playing? Will you get the scholarship? Play to find out!Sporty/sweet F/F Street Ball: All Or NothingI'm very excited! I rarely write anything that is super sweet *and* features one of my absolute favorite things of all time and I fully plan on leaning into it!

Thank you for being here and cheering me on. It means the world to me, and please know, that from this corner of the internet, I'm cheering you on and wishing only the best for you too. <3